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        Paul and Mary Progressive Readers (Abridged Edition) Book 1-6
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        Paul and Mary Progressive Readers (Abridged Edition) Book 1-6

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        Product Description:

        This series of 12 progressive readers is ideal for young children who are eager to begin sounding out words and reading, either on their own or with the help of a parent. Book I begins with a very basic vocabulary of 18 words, and each subsequent book in the series adds another 20 or 30 words to this 'core vocabulary' and repeats many of these words. In total, a child will learn about 400 words after reading the entire book series.

        The  story texts become progressively longer and more detailed in each book in the series, but this follows the rapid development of the child's reading skills as well as the growth of their vocabulary. 

        The fun-loving twins Paul and Mary are the heroes of these stories, which depict many enjoyable childhood adventures, discoveries and modern-day themes. The clear, colourful illustrations provide a valuable reference tool for the reader to learn to recognize key words. Look inside the front cover of this book for more information about these progressive readers: a proven method to help children progress quickly in their reading.

        Language: English        
        Cover type: Soft        
        Book size: 180mm (L) x 172mm (T)        
        No.of pages: 50        
        ISBN: 978-967-317-787-5 (Series)