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        My First Clock Book

        My First Clock Book

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        Product Description:

        Learning to tell time can be so much fun and exciting with My First Clock Book! The child is introduced to the concept of time through a series of pictorial events at certain times of the day and night. Simple text with a picture of a clock showing the time on each page provides a guide on how to read the clock and tell time.

        To make learning easier, more interesting and interactive, the 'hands-on' approach is incorporated. A sturdy clock with a large, readable face and movable hands is included in the book for the child to experiment as he/she manipulates the hands of the clock manually and learn to tell time. This allows the child to develop number recognition and numeric sequence skills as well as understand the units for measuring time.

        This book is made of durable cardboard and is suitable for little fingers to handle. It is a superb time-telling book for both school and home use.


        Language  English          
        Cover type  Padded board          
        Book size  178mm (W) x 178mm (H)          
           [7" (W) x 7" (H)]          
        No. of pages  14          
           Full colour throughout          
        ISBN  978-967-317-012-8