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        Numbers 1 -10

        Numbers 1 -10

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        Product Description:

        In this book, the child will learn to recognize and identify the numbers 1 to 10. Pictures of objects are provided for the child to learn to count. The child can also learn the number words that accompany each set of pictures. The parent/teacher can review all the numbers with the child at the end of the book.


        Give your child an early start to learning with My First Book Series. It is a superb series for developing picture-word association skill, reading skill and other language skills as well as vocabulary building. The books are easy to use and suitable for little fingers to turn the pages.




        Language:                  English

        Cover type:                Board

        Book size:                  93mm (W) x 98mm (H)

                                          [3 7/10” (W) x 3 9/10” (H)] 

        No. of pages:             24 (inclusive of covers)

                                          Full colour throughout

        ISBN:                         978-967-317-379-2