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        Phonics Discovery Textbook 2 (Short Vowels)
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        Phonics Discovery Textbook 2 (Short Vowels)

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        TEXTBOOK 2 (Short Vowels)

        Learning to blend with short vowel sounds

        Short a (-at), Short e (-et), Short i (-it), Short o (-ot), Short u (-ut)

        Children learn to read independently when they understand the concept of blending letter sounds. Their vocabulary will grow tremendously by using this Phonics Discovery series which covers words with similar patterns and letter combinations. Short phrases and sentences are also included to provide children with a platform for easy reading. Combined with sight reading, this series is a complate guide to help children become confident readers. Bring out the reader in your child with Phonics Discovery!

        This Phonics Discovery series consists of 6 textbooks and 6 activity books which are suitable for both school and home use.