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        Read And Write ABC / 123 With Hoppen

        Read And Write ABC / 123 With Hoppen

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        Product Description:

        The book Read and Write abc/123 with Hoppen and VCD have been specially designed to keep children entertained with music as well as to actively participate in reading and writing. The contents of the book and VCD are the same. Parents/Teachers can effectively assist the children in acquiring early learning, reading and writing skills in a fun way. The easy-to-follow writing activity in the book provides the children with a step-by-step guide in learning to read, write and colour with minimal supervision. It is suitable for both pre-school and home users.


        Language  English        
        Cover type  Soft cover        
        Book size  222mm (W) x 298mm (H)        
           [8 3/4" (W) x 11 3/4" (H)]        
        No. of pages   16        
           Full colour throughout        
        ISBN  983-148-882-2        
        ISBN  978-983-148-882-9        
        Free VCD included