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        Roy's Toy and Clive Clown
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        Roy's Toy and Clive Clown

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        Phonics is a method for teaching reading by enabling beginning readers sound out written words. The Easy Phonics Readers is a series designed to help children achieve this through the reading materials provided. 

        This series provides young children with a platform to learn reading progressively. It helps to build children's reading skill, fluency and confidence in reading. Once the child gains confidence with the easier words, he/she can move on to books featuring more difficult sounds. This programme will help children become skilled and independant readers.

        This series consist of 6 books with each book focusing on a specific phonic pattern for children to practise. Each book will have two or three short storeis for the child to read and enjoy. The stories and beautiful illustrations will keep them engaged in reading and make it a fun experience. The Easy Phonics Readers series is suitable for use in schools or homes.