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        The Boy Who Cried Wolf

        The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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        Product Description:

        A naughty little shepherd boy plays tricks on the villagers by crying wolf. One day a wolf really comes to the meadow. Find out what happens.


        The fable in this book has been retold in a simple and direct manner for young children to enjoy. The big print and short sentences make reading easy. Vivid, colourful illustrations help to enhance the story and stimulate the imagination. Key words for vocabulary building and a summary of the moral lesson are provided. To reinforce learning and knowledge acquisition, questions and extra information are also included at the end of the book.




        Language:                  English

        Cover type:                Soft

        Book size:                  184mm (W) x 260mm (H)

                                            [7 ¼” (W) x 10 ¼” (H)] 

        No. of pages:             16

                                            Full colour throughout


        ISBN:                          978-983-191-200-3