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        Wacky Animal Phonics

        Wacky Animal Phonics

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        Wacky Animal Phonics is an exciting reading programme which teaches the letter sounds of the alphabet in the form of stories, songs and actions. This interactive and multi-sensory approach is a fun and effective way to introduce phonices, which teaches children to read by understanding rather than only by memory. Children also learn how to trace the strokes that form each letter.

        Wacky Animal Phonics integrates body movements, ears, eyes and speech to help children remember letter sounds easily. Sight Reading occurs naturally as a result of training and practising through Phonices Reading. Phonices Reading is the "process", Sight Reading is the "result".

        This programme is especially designed for children who are in their early stages of language development. It is also ideal for children as young as babies, who can easily babble along to the sounds. The lively, animated illustrations will stimulate their imagination and add interest to their learning. The contents of the book and the accompanying DVD are identical.