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        abc ( small letters)

        abc ( small letters)

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        Product Description:

        This little picture block book abc (small letters) provides the child with the first step in learning the small letters of the alphabet. The child can look at the picture and learn the letter and word.


        My Baby Block Book Series is a series of stimulating picture block books, specially designed with colourful pictures and simple words to help very young children build picture-word recognition skill and encourage active learning. The thick sturdy pages and rounded corners of the books are suitable for children to handle and turn the pages. It is an ideal series for early learning and vocabulary building.



        Language:                  English

        Cover type:                Block

        Book size:                  82mm (W) x 89mm (H)

                                           [3 ¾” (W) x 3 ½” (H)] 

        No. of pages:              18

                                           Full colour throughout

        ISBN:                          983-3665-91-8