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        abc (small letters)

        abc (small letters)

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        Product Description:

        This little padded book abc (small letters) provides very young children with an early start to learning the small letters of the alphabet as well as some simple words. The parent/teacher can point to letter and say the letter for the child to repeat. Help the child to acquire visual and recognition skills by pointing to each illustration and say the word. As the child learns to associate the words with the pictures and say the words repeatedly, the child will develop his/her awareness of sounds and language. The book is easy for little fingers to handle and turn the pages. It is a superb book for both school and home use.




        Language:                  English

        Cover type:                Padded

        Book size:                  102mm (W) x 102mm (H)

                                           [4” (W) x 4” (H)] 

        No. of pages:              24

                                           Full colour throughout

        ISBN:                          978-967-317-280-1